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Counselling is a process through which individuals learn about themselves and become more centered in their lives.

Counselling is not advice giving, it is not a quick fix. My role as a counsellor is to facilitate my clients' self-awareness and personal development.

The Gestalt Approach

Gestalt Therapy is a humanistic approach to counselling which contains the following key concepts:

Training and Experience

After many years working in education, training and community development, I successfully completed three years of Gestalt Psychotherapy training with The Gestalt Trust, (1993 -1996) and further training with the Gestalt Centre, London, achieving a Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy ( July 2000).

I am currently continuing my studies towards an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy with the Gestalt Centre, London. I subscribe to their recommended code of ethics.

To support myself and my clients, I attend regular supervision sessions. I observe an equal opportunities policy and do not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

The Practice

Sessions usually last one hour and take place at regular intervals depending on the need of the client and the judgement of the therapist.

In the first session we will explore your needs and discuss the potential benefits and the extent of the proposed therapy. The client and the therapist together review the usefulness and value of the work. You do not commit yourself to a programme of sessions by arranging this first meeting.

Clients may choose to see me at my practice in Rosemount, Derry or in premises in the City Centre.


Telephone: (028) 7127 9844


The standard fee is 30 per hour. In exceptional circumstances a lower fee (minimum 15) may be negotiated.