Supporting change and growth in individuals and groups
I am a gestalt practitioner working as a psychotherapist, trainer and clinical supervisor.

The sessions last 1 hour for individuals and 2 hours for groups, and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on circumstances.

I offer four different levels of work:

1. Coaching / off-line supervision
-short or long-term support as required, usually monthly sessions

  • examine the ins and outs of an important life decision, personal or professional
  • focus on what is really important for you
  • get support to reach your own goals

2. Counselling
-short-term support, typically 6 to 12 sessions, weekly or fortnightly

  • get support for yourself in times of stress at work or at home
  • express difficult thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential setting
  • develop a greater awareness and acceptance of yourself and your feelings as you confront difficulties

3. Psychotherapy
-longer-term healing process, typically weekly sessions for several months to one year

  • develop a greater awareness of how you are with yourself, with others, in the world
  • discover the patterns you have developed for dealing with people and situations
  • decide whether these patterns are still good for you or have outlived their usefulness
  • begin to heal the rifts and tensions within yourself and between yourself and others

4. Clinical supervision
-for counsellors and psychotherapists interested in a gestalt approach to client work

An introduction to gestalt therapy?
What might gestalt therapy look like? 
About Gestalt - an introduction written for the Gestalt Review.

Who I am
I have been working as a gestalt therapist with individuals, groups and organisations since 1998. Before then, I have been working as a teacher in mainstream education and adult and community education since 1974, and I have offered counselling and grief and trauma support in a society in conflict since 1994. 

I have trained with the Gestalt Trust (Scotland and North of Ireland) and the London Gestalt Centre. I am an individual member of BACP, and abide by their Ethics and Code of Practice.

Contact Joelle Gartner
Northern Ireland
Tel: 0780 3169 174